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Veterinarians come in all shapes, colors and temperaments. How do you know that you have a good one? Is it because he or she provides 24-hour field service? Is it because they have emergency animal clinic experience? Maybe it's because the veterinarian of choice accepts pet insurance?


In all likelihood, it's none of the above.

The letter below demonstrates the "other side" of the veterinary profession. The caring and compassion that is almost a pre-requisite to becoming a veterinarian. Something that is a rare resource in so many human hospitals.


To Dr. Sobowale,

Choosing a veterinarian is more of an emotional task than we may want to believe. Not for us, but for our pets. That's right, they will choose, whether we want to believe it or not. Ours did. One by one they chose you.

Croydon Pet Hospital, Maryland, is gaining a heck of a vet, and Banfield is losing a lot. You make that certain connection with the pets so effortlessly and they soon learn to trust. Instinctively, they realize that you mean them no harm.

Okay, they tend to get spooked, at first, by that famous white smock, but quickly learn you are different. In your many years at Banfield Pet Hospital, we know you must have received nothing but compliments about the compassion you showed to each and every pet and their owners. That's how we feel about you. You cared for our three dogs as if they were your own. When Shaq passed, you mourned the loss with us. We are ever so grateful and appreciative.

That's hard to match by itself, now add to it, the fact that you brightens any veterinary clinic with your smile and knowledgeable practice of veterinary medicine, and you become a winner to two and four legged friend alike.

Veterinary doctors everywhere can take note. An animal hospital is not about the wide array of pet products on their shelves or, the ASPCA sticker on their door. It's not about well-stocked pet brochures or seasonal parasite information pamphlets. No. Anyone can get that stuff online or from the companies' rep.

Don't believe us? We can point you to at least two places in Baltimore that we will never take our pets to again. We felt like nothing but walking dollar signs in both places. They missed the point of service in our opinion, and in so doing, our pets did not receive the care they should have.

Choosing the right animal doctors is about choosing the ones who care genuinely about your animals' health and well-being. Among the local Glen Burnie veterinarians, we feel that you, Dr. Sobowale stands with the best of them and ahead of most.

We could go on and on but we'll just end by saying this, THANK YOU Dr. Sobowale for everything you have done and continue to do for us and our "girls".



Mike & Linda.


P.S. If ANYONE is looking for a solid veterinarian in Glen Burnie, Maryland or nearby, Call Croydon Pet Hospital today and you'll never look back. Dr. Sobowale is the real deal.

The above letter was unsolicited and written by pet owners who were clients of Banfield Pet Hospital in Glen Burnie. We just thought it might be a good way to introduce Dr. Sobowale's new clinic, The Croydon Pet Hospital, Glen Burnie, Maryland, located in the Harundale Mall.

It speaks volumes about a man who's not very forthcoming about his own accomplishments, but is always very well respected among fellow veterinarians and clients alike. As much as it praises him, it is only one of the many letters and cards he has received over the years, all attesting to his service to the veterinary profession.


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From Our Friends

Linda, owner of Roxie, 2011
Roxie"Congratulations to Dr. Sobowale on the opening of Croydon Pet Hospital.

I have been so impressed by the professionalism and genuine care shown by you to all of our pets while you were at Banfield Pet Hospital, that it was a no-brainer to join you at Croydon.

I know Roxie will be in good hands".

Mike, owner of Shaq & Libby
Libby at 3 months"Just from the way you handled Shaq and Libby at Banfield, I know that Croydon Pet Hospital will be a huge success.

Dr. Sobowale, you are a tribute to your profession, so congrats and see you soon".

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